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» Saturday, October 3, 2009 / -1:29 PM
Gegar Raya 2009

Gempak Raya 2009

  • 26 Sepetember, seminggu selepas raya pertama aku dan member aku menganjurkan Gegar Raya 2009. Memang gempak gila!
  • Seperti biasa aku yang drive dan menjemput member aku bermula dgn Qila di kediamannya sebelum ke Bus Stop Banting dan angkut yang lain-lain.
  • Diorang teruja dengan pemanduan berhemah aku yang sungguh dahsyat. haha. Thrill gila dan mmg fun!
  • Ke rumah Pa'a then ke rumah Cikgu lame kitorang pastu ke rumah Uwey & Fafax.
  • Later ke Putrajaya untuk sesi photoshot, banyak gila gambar, 200+ gambar dalam hanya beberapa jam. Gila fotogenik kot.
  • Gila sedih Roti Jala Pa'a yg kitorang bajet nak tapaw sebab nk piknik kat putrajaya tertinggal. Hampa bagai kaca dihempas atas batu.
  • Singgah solat Maghrib dekat masjid baru putrajaya, masjid lawa gilak! Terpegun aku.
  • Pastu ke rumah Fufu, then ke rumah Roxy, pukul 10 malam pun masih nk beraya
  • Later hantar Pa'a balik pastu hantar Halika plakk balik.
  • Tyme raya rumah siang tadi satu rumah smpi berjam-jam tp bile dah malam strict setengah jam saja satu rumah. haha
  • Banyak gila kot insident kelakar sepanjang hari tu terutama tyme driving, hampir nk eksident sebab leka cari tanah perkuburan, pusingan maut, banting drift, menentang hukum jalanraya dll.
  • Pukul 12 lebih bru aku smpai klang. Thnx to Qila yg concern call aku dah smpi ke belom. hahaha.
  • Hari tersebut memang rawk dan best, later buat lagi ye. hahaha

p/s : atas tu video, tekan play. yang bawah vid tu aku taktwu kenapa ade image drpd vid tu kat bawah tu.

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» Thursday, October 1, 2009 / -10:19 PM
Psychology Of Internet Addictive

The Psychology of Internet Addictive

By the boom of technology grow all across the globe, the tendency of the human dependent on the technology rise in every level. Even me myself find that the internet is so seductive, haha. Results suggested that information protocols were the least addictive functions and that interactive aspects of the Internet such as chat rooms were highly addictive, creating an atmosphere for users to seek out companionship, sexual excitement, and alter identities.

While many believe the term addiction should only be applied to cases involving the ingestion of a drug, problem behaviors such as eating disorders, gambling, computer addiction and video game addiction. Today, among a small but growing body of research, the term addiction has extended into the psychiatric lexicon that identifies problematic Internet use associated with significant social, psychological, and occupational impairment.

The Internet itself is a term which represents different types of functions that are accessible on-line. Therefore, before discussing addictive nature of the Internet, one must examine the types of applications being used. When random users were asked "What applications do you most utilize on the Internet?" , 35% indicated chat rooms, 28% MUDs, 15% News groups, 13% E-mail, 7% WWW, and 2% Information Protocols. The chat rooms also compromises the social network like Myspace and Facebook while MUD is an online game portal.

When asked about the main attractions of using these features, 86% of Correspondent reported anonymity, 63% accessibility, 58% security, and 37% ease of use. It is plausible that depressives who suffer from low self-esteem, a fear of rejection, and a higher need for approval use the Internet in order to overcome these real life interpersonal difficulties through such social community building generated through Internet.

Some major concern is also get involved in the search for sexual content on the internet. Erotic fantasies can be played out such that people can engage in novel sexual acts. There are hundreds of sexually explicit rooms entailing submission, dominance, incest, fetishes, and homosexual fantasies. They felt free to carry out illicit sexual impulses and were able to act in ways that different from real life conduct without fear of repercussion. The ability to enter into a bodiless state of communication enabled users to explore altered sexual states of being which fostered emotions that were new and richly exciting.

Each on-line user has the ability to remove the imposed constraints of real life in order to experiment with altered perceptions of oneself. It is another element of the computer culture that has contributed to thinking about identity as multiplicity, allowing a person to ‘reconstruct’ their identity. Creating a persona and covers the real one of themself through a fictitious handle allows one to transform himself mentally into a new person on-line. Most times, an on-line persona is a paradox of one’s real life.

Personas allow individuals to virtually obtain recognition and achieve power most saliently through the creation some other characters like in the MUD. Character forces exist which consist of ranking creating the illusion of leadership roles and subordinates. Users desire to become more potent in their characters which leads to recognition as a powerful leader such that they personally experienced this sense of recognition, gaining self esteem with each virtual encounter.

In my own eyes, it is so obvious in the social networks where everyone is trying to become popular and get recognition and the attentions by others. They started to focus to covers all the weaking points of themselves and exposed the goods and even the fakes one. This is the power of the internet, the demand for popularity. The competition to beat the others and become the best, even in the virtual world.

The mankind today is already blink in technology where the internet has widely spread. The addiction to the Internet has become worse and worser. Mans cannot live without internet. We try to be someone better by seeking the chances in the Internet. We try to satisfy ourself and we hunger for power and popularity, and we seek for all that, on the Internet.

Reported by, Aqmalbaik

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Goldfishes Memoirs

Goldfishes Memoirs

Dengan dukacita dan penuh simpati diumumkan
dua ekor ikan emas ku sudah kembali ke rahmatullah.
Allahyarham & Allahyarhammah (macam aku twu je jantina dier)
telah menghembuskan nafas mereka yang terakhir lewat malam semalam
yang didahului oleh si besar sebelum disusuli oleh si kecil.
Si kecil masih bertarung menyelamatkan nyawanya tetapi tewas pada
sebelah petang esoknya setelah sakaratul maut berjaya memisahkan
antara nyawa dan jasadnya. Mereka merupakan dua ikan emas yang baik
meskipun kuat berak dan suka mencemarkan aquarium tersebut.
Punca kematian masih dalam siasatan dan mayat kedua-dua mangsa
sudah pun dihantar untuk bedah siasat. Unit forensik sudah pun memeriksa
lokasi kejadian dan laporan penuh forensik diramalkan siap malam ini.
Persidangan media bakal dilaksanakan dalam masa terdekat. hahaha =p
Sementara itu aku telah menyiapkan satu vid ringkas bagi memperingati
dua ekor ikan emas yang hanya tinggal kenangan itu. Sekian.

p/s : it's a repetition! haha. Obviously you can see me recording it by the reflections and mind that the aquarium's water is so cold until it started to 'freeze' the glass && i love the song. Producer Aqmalbaik.

goldfishes si besar & si kecil, takziah tekan sini

» / -2:56 PM


Happy October!
Okey, this time i've got no comment.
Masa berlalu terlalu pantas, malas aku nak layan
Makin lame makin laju pulak masa ni berlalu.
Berlalu dengan sombong dan tanpa belas kasihan.
Starting next week, im back into the campus life.
Better get ready for the fast forward preparing for the finals
To y'all yang dh start class minggu ni, padan muka haha.
Wish me luck for this month.

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