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» Saturday, September 18, 2010 / -4:24 PM
Can I Borrow yours?

People talks. People loves to critics, comments and hatred. I hate it when people say bad things about me, about  my stuff and anything that is related to me. For example, criticize about something that is belong to me. When we lean something to someone, do we deserve a critics about that thing? Can you show some respect? Im hopping an appreciation not a complaint. Dah pinjam barang orang, tak reti berterima kasih? Lagi dikutuk plak. At least im good enough to let you borrow my stuff. That's why im kinda heavy to let someone near my stuff, i don't want them to say bad things about it. As i said people talks, maybe not in front of me, but on my back, who knew?This is shit, im so tired with this hatred people. Not that i can't handle some critics, i do can. In fact, i am a very open person. Critics can help me improvise, but critics about something that is not necessary, can get me pissed! Be thankful, i have it but you don't. Good deeds should receive another good deeds as a return.

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